General principles

The InSites Consulting Incentive System is a reward program attached to a research study where the participant answers some questions and/or completes a pre-defined set of research tasks. Only ‘active participants’ will be rewarded.

The reward (‘the incentive’) is a gift voucher, an item or a sum which can be redeemed at a later stage. Both the type of reward program and the redeemable sum are mentioned in the invitation to the research study.

The total value of the incentive is in accordance with country-specific standards and is determined by the estimated average effort asked of the participant (e.g. survey length, number and complexity of tasks to complete in a research community), unless external reasons require an ad hoc incentive. There are as many active participants as there are incentives.

How to earn incentive?

This reward program is open to all people fitting the research profile and actively participating in the research study, except any employees of InSites Consulting and anyone else who may be involved professionally with the research study.

To qualify for the incentive, one must participate in the research study that he/she was invited to by e-mail (or other channels) and - in case of a survey - reach the study’s Complete / End Page. Only one participation per person is allowed in survey research, unless mentioned otherwise. If the study concerns a research community, blog or other format with a predominantly qualitative research nature, one must meet the criteria specified beforehand in order to qualify for the incentive.

Two types of reward programs can be distinguished: a performance-based reward program on one hand and a prize draw through a competition on the other hand:

  1. In the case of a performance-based incentive, objective parameters - including, without limitation, the number of contributions to the research tasks as well as their length, the stimuli attached and the interactions they prompted - will determine whether the criteria are met or not.
  2. In the case of a prize draw, there is a competition attached to the research study. The competition begins on the date when the research study is first introduced to live participants and finishes 7 days after the study fieldwork deadline. This date is clearly mentioned beforehand. The participant will be asked to answer (a) ‘multiple choice’ question(s) as well as a tiebreaker question. The person (or persons) with the correct (or closest) answer will receive the incentive.

Our decision is final in all cases.
In both cases, the rewarded participants will be notified within one week after the final decision. This (1) will be done by e-mail (the notification will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the participant when subscribing to the particular study itself or to the Future Talkers research panel if applicable) and/or (2) can be checked on the website attached to the reward program. The rewarded participant's first name and surname (as provided at the moment of study subscription or in the Future Talkers panel) can be announced in a post on the Future Talkers website ( if that participant is a member of the Future Talkers panel.

How to be disqualified for incentive?

If InSites Consulting suspects that any active participant (1) has been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity, including creating several response profiles to participate more than once in a research study, (2) does not act in accordance with these terms and conditions and/or (3) is showing ‘bad’ participant behavior by means of e.g. speeding (i.e. when the time spent on completing the survey is 50% shorter than the median, which suggests the questions have not been answered accurately) or straight-lining (i.e. selecting the same response option for a set of questions in a survey), InSites Consulting reserves the right to disqualify that active participation and any related incentives, as well as to unsubscribe the participant from the research study and/or Future Talkers panel without the possibility to redeem rewards saved up earlier (e.g. in previous research participations through the Future Talkers panel). InSites Consulting will have no liability to the participant under such circumstances.

In the event of the arising of circumstances which in the opinion of InSites Consulting make it necessary to suspend, change or cancel the reward program, InSites Consulting reserves the right to do so at any time.

How to redeem incentives?

In order to let rewarded participants redeem the ‘ad hoc’ and/or ‘collected’ incentive(s), participants are required to provide their official name and address first. All personal data provided by a participant will be collected, processed and stored solely for the purpose of conducting the reward program. InSites Consulting may use third parties to facilitate elements of the delivery of the incentive and some of this data may be passed on to them. This data remains restricted and confidential at all times.

In the case of a performance-based incentive, the operational handling of the reward program (i.e. incentive delivery) is likely to be done via our external partner CINT AB; the following rules and conditions will apply: As a result, CINT AB (and not InSites Consulting) is responsible and liable for any handling or redemption related to the incentives. Potential complaints and remarks regarding the incentive redemption will be answered by CINT AB if addressed to

The incentive can only be redeemed if a minimum – country-specific - threshold has been obtained. The maximum sum that can be redeemed at a time depends on whether the monetary value of the incentive assigned through an individual research study exceeds €10 (or the equivalent in the local currency) or not. The first will be referred to as ‘ad hoc’ incentive, the latter as ‘collected’ incentive. The minima and maxima are specified in the list below:

Country Currency Minimum Maximum 'collected' Maximum 'ad hoc'
Argentina USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Australia AUD 12.75 17.00 170.00
Austria Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Belgium Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Brazil USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Bulgaria Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Canada CAD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Canada CAD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Chile USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
China CNY 75.00 100.00 1000.00
Colombia USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Costa Rica USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Croatia Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Czech Republic CZK 150.00 200.00 2000.00
Denmark DKK 60.00 80.00 800.00
Ecuador USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Egypt USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Finland Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
France Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Germany Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Greece Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Guatemala USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Hungary Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
India USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Indonesia USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Ireland Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Italy Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Luxemburg Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Malaysia USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Mexico MXN 75.00 100.00 1000.00
Netherlands Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Norway NOK 60.00 80.00 800.00
Peru USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Philippines USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Poland PLN 30.00 40.00 400.00
Portugal Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Puerto Rico USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Romania Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Russian Federation RUB 225.00 300.00 3000.00
Singapore SGD 12.00 16.00 160.00
Slovakia Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
South Africa GBP 6.00 8.00 80.00
Spain Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Sweden SEK 75.00 100.00 1000.00
Switzerland Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Thailand USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Turkey Euro 7.50 10.00 100.00
Ukraine y.e. (Russian USD) 3.75 5.00 50.00
United Kingdom GBP 6.00 8.00 80.00
USA USD 9.38 12.50 125.00
Venezuela USD 9.38 12.50 125.00

In the case of a prize draw, the participant will be contacted and informed by InSites Consulting with further instructions on how to redeem the incentive. For questions and remarks you can contact

If alternative handling of the incentive is applicable, the terms & conditions will be communicated beforehand. Contact in case of questions.

Please note that rewarded participants are responsible for any taxes, duties or other costs which may result from incentives issued or redeemed. InSites Consulting will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences, duties or other costs which may result from issued or redeemed incentives.

InSites Consulting shall not be liable in any way for the loss or damage, howsoever arising, suffered by the participant and resulting directly or indirectly from entry to this reward program. Nothing in these terms shall limit InSites Consulting's liability for death, personal injury or fraud.

Contact details

The organizer of the reward program is InSites Consulting NV, Evergemsesteenweg 195, 9032 Wondelgem, Belgium. InSites Consulting may carry out this organization through its local subsidiaries.

In some cases, an external partner is responsible for the operational handling of the reward program: CINT AB, Luntmakargatan 46, 4tr, 111 37 Stockholm, Sweden.