A. Respect for privacy-Act of 8 December 1992

InSites NV undertakes to respect the Act of 8 December 1992 (as amended by the Act of 11 December 1998) regarding privacy protection concerning the treatment and processing of personal details (the ‘privacy-Act).

Thereby InSites NV (see address under point L.) acts as the party responsible for the processing of the personal data in accordance with article 4§2 of the Privacy Act, and InSites can be reached for questions and/or complaints at research@insites-consulting.com.

“Personal details” in this Act shall be understood to mean information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person; identifiable shall be considered any person who can be directly or indirectly identified, more specifically based on an identification number or one or more specific elements that are characteristic for his or her physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity.

The privacy-Act is accessible via the website https://www.privacycommission.be/sites/privacycommission/files/documents/Privacy_Act_1992.pdf

B. Method for the collection of personal details

Personal details are collected and treated based on (a) one or several questionnaires that need to be filled out and/or (b) one or several competitions in which you can participate.

All the InSites NV services (questionnaires and competitions) that you can use are referred to as “Our services” hereinafter.

Any personal details that InSites NV collects based on our services have been voluntarily provided to us. In no way whatsoever is a person obliged to provide any information.

Minors who wish to use our services must do so under the supervision of at least one of their parents. InSites NV shall not be liable if minors use our services without the required parental supervision.

InSites NV hereby respects the guidelines established by ESOMAR concerning online surveys involving minors.

C. Sending of forms

In the context of the use of our services, you can be invited to fill out a (digital) form in which certain fields in bold or with an asterisk (*) are required to carry out the service, and the other fields are optional.

The aim of the optional fields is to allow us to contact you quickly and/or to obtain information that is relevant in the context of an optimum performance of our services.

D. Cookies

When confronted with an online participation invite of InSites Consulting for a survey, we may send a cookie that is stored on your system, originating from the domain “*.insites.be”, “*.insites.eu”, “*.insites-consulting.com”, “*.talktochange.eu”, “*.talktochange.com”, “*.futuretalkers.com”, “*.cint.com” or “*.cintindex.com”.

The sole purpose of the cookie, is to ensure that people who do not wish to participate, or the ones that have participated, will not be confronted again with the invite during the lifetime of the cookie.

The cookie is installed on your hard disk automatically, but you have the right to refuse it. In order to be notified when a cookie is being installed, please refer to the help function of your internet browser. For further questions or requests, you can always contact research@insites-consulting.com.

InSites Consulting doesn’t store any personal details in a cookie that can be used to identify individuals, nor does it use cookies for any kind of tracking purposes.

E. Goals

Personal details can only be collected and processed by us for one of the following goals:

F. Collected information

The information that is collected depends on the goal, more specifically the following:

G. Right of access and right to correct

You are able at all times to check the state of your personal details if you send us an e-mail (via panel@insites-consulting.com) or write to us (see address under point L.).

We will inform you of the state of your personal details as soon as possible, after we have checked your identity.

In case of a mistake, inaccuracy or hiatus regarding the personal details of yourself or your children, primarily within the framework of the purposes set forth under point E., you can naturally ask us to correct or change this information.

If you believe that our services do not respect the regulations regarding the protection of personal details, you can contact us via the contact details specified in item L.

H. Consent and removal

By using our services you explicitly agree with InSites NV's privacy-policy and the treatment and collection of personal details in accordance with this privacy statement. You also explicitly agree that your personal details can be transferred to the United States and other parts of the world as well as that they can be processed there.

If you want your personal details or your underage children's to be removed from our database, please contact us by e-mail or post using the contact details mentioned in item L. We undertake to remove them as soon as possible, except of course if it concerns information that needs to be kept in pursuance of the law or an agreement.

We remind you that you can register on a special list if you no longer want to use our services.

If you use our services you have the opportunity at all times to no longer be offered this service.

I. Property and transfer to third parties

All information gathered with our services belong to InSites NV and shall only be used in accordance with the principles and provisions specified in this privacy statement.

At no time will personal data of individuals pertaining only to these individuals and which identify these individuals or make them identifiable, be communicated to third parties.

Without your consent your personal details will not be transferred to third parties, with the exception of the manager of the server who makes our services possible. This manager has been asked to take all possible measures to save and process these personal details with the greatest care so that these personal details cannot be unlawfully made public to third parties.

As we never transfer your contact details to third parties either (only to the manager of the server), any unwanted e-mails (“spam mails”) of other e-mail domains than “@insites.be”, “@insites.eu”, “@insites-consulting.com”, “@talktochange.eu”, “@talktochange.com”, “@futuretalkers.com”, “@mail.futuretalkers.com”, “@cint.com” or “@cintindex.com” are not from us.

J. Security

InSites NV undertakes to take every necessary measure required to protect your personal details in order to avoid that they are distorted, affected or transferred to unauthorised third parties.

The databases in which your details are included have been protected against unauthorised access of third parties.

K. Miscellaneous

This privacy statement is without prejudice to InSites NV's right to take further reaching actions vis-à-vis certain users of our services, based on an agreement, the law, regulations, etc.

This always in accordance with the obligatory provisions of the Privacy Act.

In the context of international research projects InSites NV may invite you to take part in research projects of Belgian and international InSites NV partners. In this case InSites NV undertakes to make every necessary and reasonable effort to make sure the principles and the provisions of this privacy statement and the applicable international regulations are respected.

This privacy statement is governed by Belgian law alone.

L. Contact

InSites NV.
Address of the registered office: Evergemsesteenweg 195, B-9032 Gent
Tel.: +32 (0)
Website: http://www.insites-consulting.com
E-mail: info@insites-consulting.com
Company registration number no 0465.109.357